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Gluten-free bread with tomato  3,50€

Breakfast bread rolls from forn de Nulles with tomato  4,00€

Our gourmet breads  4,00€

Special Bravas of Besso  8,00

Fried aubergine slices with cane honey mayonnaise  8,50€

Edamames beans with paprika and Kimchi sauce  9,00€

Homemade Iberian croquettes/ squid in ink sauce/ mixed (4 units)  10,00

Cod fritters (4 units)  10,00€

Duck bao bread made at low temperature (2 units) 12,00

Grilled avocado stuffed with crab and prawns  12,00€

Nachos with extra gratin cheddar, bolognese, guacamole, jalapeños and pico de gallo  13,00

Andalusian style squid with lime pearls 13,90

Bigastro style russian salad with octopus  14,50€

Aged beef ribeye carpaccio with Parmesan cheese and foie shavings 15,00€

Plate of iberian delicacies and cheese (Cured sheep cheese, Garrotxa goat and Le Gruyère 1655 cow) 17,00€

Truffled eggs with Iberian ham 17,50€

Mini rock and roll brioche of steak tartare with yuzu pearls  17,50€

Almadraba red tuna tartare  18,00€

Two salmon tartare with avocado and coconut ice cream 18,00€

Knife-cut acorn-fed Iberian ham  22,00€

Grilled octopus with truffled potato base  26,00

Canned Premium

Espinaler stuffed olives 2,50€

Pickled mussels Espinaler
(They are prepared in a natural way with water and salt, these mussels are marisquées in the rafts of the Galician Rías del Atlántico to be made later in pickled sauce with natural ingredients)

Espinaler cockle
(Selected from the Noya estuary, after deburring a few hours in seawater to release the grit, they are cooked, the sizes are selected and they are packed by hand in an artisanal way)

Espinaler clam
(The white clam or «slug» is the queen of the clam for its flavor and texture, coming from Arosa, it is shellfish during the months of October, November and December)

Our Suggestions

Homemade mushroom and leek cannelloni with béchamel  12,00€

Mini rock and roll brioche of pulled pork with pico de gallo (2 units)  14,00€

Baked boneless suckling kid ingot   20,00€

Acorn-fed Iberian ham 5 Jotas  30,00€

Txogitxu beef steak – 1kg (30 days maturation)   60,00€


Besso Salad (Smoked salmon, feta cheese, avocado, mango, cherry tomato, nuts and fig jam vinaigrette)  13,50

Italian burrata on tomato and avocado tartare with arugula base and pesto vinaigrette  13,50

Pasta and Rice

Homemade beef cheek cannelloni with truffled béchamel  13,00€

Homemade oven baked rice with duck with thyme aioli 16,50

Homemade oven black rice with octopus with aioli  17,00€

Tagliatelle Frutti di Mare (cuttlefish, prawns, clams, mussels and marinara sauce)  18,00€


Gourmet Black Angus Burger (Letucce, tomato, caramelized onion, bacon, egg and cheddar cheese) 14,00€

Gluten-free Gourmet Black Angus Burger 14,00€

Wagyu Burger (Letucce, tomato, Majorero cheese, caramelized onion, mushrooms and pickles)  16,50€


Chicken taquitos with homemade guacamole and soy mayonnaise accompanied by pico de gallo  12,00

Cochinita pibil tacos with chipotle mayonnaise  13,00€

Crispy suckling pig ingot cooked at low temperature  15,00€

Picantón chicken cooked at low temperature with potato straw  17,00€

Beef tenderloin Txogitxu with foie gras in chutney with apples and mushrooms  22,00€

300g high loin entrecôte with garnish   23,00€


Prawn wok with vegetables and oyster sauce  15,00€

Fresh grilled salmon fillet accompanied by Chef’s garnish  16,00€

Fresh grilled croaker fillet with artichoke  17,00€

Almadraba red tuna tataki  20,00€


Grilled seasonal vegetables 15,00€

Childrens’s Menu

Pasta, Nuggets or Chicken Hot Dog.



Homemade desserts Irresistible! (Consult)

Chocolate coulant 7,00€

Passion fruit sorbet with vodka  7,00€

Green apple sorbet with cava  7,00€

Ice cream (ask for flavors)  3,50€